Attorney Michael Marley

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Michael Marley has always been a fighter. He boxed in the Golden Gloves in Massachusetts and then competed for the University of Nevada, Reno. After a long career as sports columnist (New York Post), Marley turned to the practice of criminal law. He got his start in boxing as a personal friend of "The Greatest," Muhammad Ali.

"I have to fight for someone's freedom and I love defending people against the mighty power of the government," Marley said. "My goal in every case is to hold the government to its burden which is to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. You can pick up a newspaper almost any day and read about someone who was unjustly accused and/or unjustly convicted. Our system of law is the world's best but mistakes are made and innocent folks sometimes wind up in prison for crimes they did not commit.

"I defend every client as though he or she is my brother, my sister or my son or daughter. I take each case personally and that's why I conduct myself in an aggressive, experienced manner. When you put your faith and trust in me to defend you or your loved one, it's an awesome responsibility and I treat it that way. I will provide a serious defense for serious crimes."