Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney

Trusted Attorney in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, NY and New York City

Sometimes life will throw you a curveball. If you are charged with a drug crime, violent crime or DUI and find yourself needing a criminal defense attorney, give Michael Marley a call today.

When you're faced with criminal charges or an arrest, it's only natural to feel scared and alone. Attorney Michael Marley understands how stressful a criminal case can be, to not only you but your family as well. If you've recently been charged with a crime in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, NY and New York City, calm your fears and give yourself defense options by turning to the assistance of the Law Office Of Michael Marley.

Our criminal defense lawyers can handle all types of criminal law cases, including:

  • Violent Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • DUI

Providing the Best Defense

Law Office of Michael Marley

Whether you're facing a traffic infraction at the state level or have been arrested for a federal crime, Michael Marley is ready to fight for your rights. During your legal proceedings, Attorney Marley will serve as your advocate and offer you ongoing support. He will fight so that you receive a fair trial, challenge any evidence that might be illegally obtained, and make certain that your defense is presented as strongly as possible.